Katabiann has advised private and public clients on over $8 billion in M&A transactions including sales, divestitures, acquisitions, mergers, management buyouts, “go privates” and restructurings as well as one-off negotiations on behalf of clients who have identified a transaction but require assistance in negotiation and valuation. Our experience in and familiarity with the complex dynamics of the M&A process, technical expertise and effective negotiating skills distinguish Katabiann in its ability to successfully represent it clients in closing important transactions and in maximizing shareholder value. Our services include a comprehensive range of standard M&A services as well as transaction-specific services customized for each project and client. A representative list of services is included below:

  • Identifying and understanding client strategic and financial goals
  • Evaluating a range of potential alternatives
  • Recommending a process plan and strategy for value maximization/minimization
  • Preparing the Confidential Information Memorandum and Management Presentation
  • Assisting and advising on the financial projection model
  • Identifying, qualifying and contacting appropriate buyers/sellers/partners
  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Preparing a valuation analysis using multiple methodologies
  • Negotiating the transaction structure, terms and conditions
  • Communicating with Management and the Board of Directors
  • Sellside

    Katabiann has negotiated numerous successful Sellside transactions including sales of companies and divestitures of divisions. The initial stage of the Sellside process is identifying and understanding the client’s objectives, including valuation thresholds, any potential issues that could impact the process and concerns such as confidentiality and determining the appropriate type of sale process to pursue based on these considerations. The alternatives range from a highly focused process with a limited number of buyers to a comprehensive auction with multiple buyers. Katabiann manages the entire process, prepares the Confidential Information Memordandum, identifies and contacts potential buyers, coordinates and manages the due diligence process and negotiates the transaction terms and conditions.


    Katabiann has advised a broad range of clients on potential acquisitions. The initial phase of a Buyside process is focused on identifying the client’s acquisition objectives, such as entering a new geography, expanding its service offering or increasing its market share and critical mass and developing a strategy and process to achieve these objectives. Katabiann develops target criteria including valuation parameters, size, profitability and geography, identifies and contacts targets that meet such criteria, conducts due diligence and valuation analysis and develops, presents and negotiates transaction terms and conditions. Katabiann also often represents clients in raising capital to finance acquisitions.

    Other M&A Services

    Additional advisory services include providing fairness opinions and advisory on other M&A transactions such as restructurings, recapitalizations, joint ventures, “go-private” transactions and management buyouts. Katabiann also negotiates transaction terms in situations where a client has identified the buyer/seller but prefers an independent third party to negotiate the transaction terms and conditions.