Katabiann’s principals, as agent, have raised over $6 billion in public and private equity and debt capital. Our understanding of the myriad types of capital in the market today, their varied terms, conditions and cost and the impact of these on our clients as well as our proven track record in placing capital and extensive network of investors and lenders enable us to evaluate and recommend the most suitable capital to meet our clients’ financial and strategic objectives through our Capital Structure Analysis as well advise and assist on its placement through our Capital Raising, IPO Advisory and Rating Agency Advisory services.

Capital Structure Analysis

Katabiann advises clients on the appropriate capital structure for maximizing shareholder value, achieving a targeted cost of capital and reaching their financial and strategic objectives and recommends alternatives for creating such capital structure through one or a series of capital placements. Critical variables considered in evaluating the proper capital structure include:

  • Existing capital structure, cost of capital and financial condition
  • Client’s strategic and financial goals
  • Private and public capital market conditions
  • Availability of and access to sources of capital
  • Risk tolerance

Based on our evaluation of these factors, we develop and execute a prudent and efficient long term plan for achieving the recommended capital structure. Capital Structure Analysis is often the first step in a Capital Raising process.

IPO Advisory

Katabiann’s principals have raised, as lead underwriter and co-manager, nearly $1 billion in IPO financing in a variety of market conditions working with all of the major Wall Street investment banks. Leveraging this experience, we provide reliable advice to clients with respect to evaluating IPO market conditions and the viability of an IPO, selecting an IPO underwriting team, managing the IPO process and preparing management teams for a successful roadshow. We evaluate potential underwriters based on criteria including valuation, positioning, IPO and industry experience, execution quality and reputation as well as meaningful post-transaction considerations such as aftermarket trading support, research coverage and continued investment banker involvement and idea generation. We partner with the selected underwriting team to ensure a successful IPO at an attractive valuation. Our services include the following:

  • Evaluating IPO market conditions, the viability of a successful IPO and potential alternatives to an IPO
  • Valuing the company and its comparables
  • Evaluating and selecting underwriters
  • Coordinating all parties in the process – underwriters, lawyers and accountants
  • Preparing offering materials including the prospectus and roadshow presentation
  • Developing Management’s effective and impactful public speaking and presentation skills
  • Coaching Management on successful Investor Q&A management
  • Evaluating fees